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Schengen visa requirements while resident in the UK

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I'm a South African who lives in the UK. I've planned a 1 week trip to Italy (flying into Switzerland), and noticed this requirement:

"your residence permit in the UK must be valid for at least three months beyond the returning date of your trip."

I'm in the UK on an ancestry visa (5 year) but it expires 2 months and 4 days after I get back from that trip. I am applying for indefinite leave to remain (a more permanent visa) since I'll have been in the UK for 5 years - but won't have it before that trip.

So..my question is
a) Why is that requirement there - Is it because they think people will not return to the UK after the trip?
b) Is that requirement at the discretion of the person issuing the visa? (And therefore flexible)

c) If yes to the above two - Could I instead provide alternative proof that I am not going to stay beyond that one week? (work contracts/rental contracts/applications to nurseries for the little one, my family are staying in london while I'm on that trip etc)

Obviously I'd rather not cancel the trip but I dont want to waste time/money on a schengen visa application if there is no chance I can get it.

If anyone has any knowledge on this I'd appreciate the info. Thanks in advance
asked Jan 2, 2012 in Europe by anonymous  

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