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Schengen visa processing times

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I live in the UK and travel to Schengen countries regularly for work purposes. Most of my travel is to Belgium & France. I usually apply for a Schengen visa from Belgium and get a multiple entry visa valid for 6 months. I am in a tight spot this time around though. I have to travel to France from 30th Jan to 3rd Feb but my Indian passport is currently with UK Border Agency as I had to send it for extending my UK Tier 1 visa. I am hoping that I will have it back by 20th of January (maybe a bit optimistic there). So, my question is which Schengen state has the shortest processing time? With Belgium, it usually takes about 3-5 working days when I apply at VFS in Soho. Getting invitation letters & other documentation isn't a problem as my employer has offices in all European countries and they can arrange for one. Is it still possible to apply at the French embassy in London and will this be any faster?
asked Jan 2, 2012 in Europe by anonymous  

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