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I am An International Student From Pakistan.I applied To Glyndwr university and paid 5 thousand pounds...I got my application refused due to a silly mistake...I got refused because I didnt get my high school certificate verified by Higher education Commission...i wanted too verify it But my consultant told me Thats not necessary..Now i got refused Due to not verifying my Certificate its all consultants fault he told me not to verify because it wont matter...Now i have verified my certificate from higher education commission...Should i Go for Administrative review Since My certificate Is genuine and they refused me on the ground that they weren't sure if the document was genuine or not...

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Yes. You should apply for AR with all necessary documents with cover letter that you have now get your certificate verified from the relevent local authority. Do not mention any consultant thing if you did you used them officially. Just think that it was your application and you have done a mistake.

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IMO appying for AR would'nt be a best course of action as the evidence was not provided at the time of application. If you still have time then I would suggest you to re apply. That means paying the application fees again. AR will only be a waste of time.

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