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Hi everyone, this is on behalf of my brother who just came to this country on Sunday to study English language.

He was supposed to study full-time English as a Foreign Language, and the acceptance letter from the college also stated the course is English as a Foreign Language and with this letter my brother has been granted a student visitor visa in Hong Kong (27.09.12 to 27.08.13). Instead of EFL, the college put my brother to study ESOL and this is not what we wanted because it has nothing to do with IELTS, and apparently the college no longer offer EFL courses for IELTS preparation and my brother's tutor kindly suggest him to apply an IELTS preparation course at a local university.

Paid the tuition in full and not sure if the college is going to refund anything if we decided to withdraw from the course and find another course. Only attended 3 days for about 9hrs.

If we decided to withdraw from this college and apply another English language course at the local university (a highly trusted and well known university), what do we need to do about his current Student visitor visa? Does he have to leave the country and apply it again in Hong Kong?

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He can study at a different institution if that entity falls within the requirements and he continues to comply with the conditions of his visa. He does not need to inform the UKBA. Or he can simply remain as a general visitor having jacked in his course.

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Thank you for response quick

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